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The Philips Achieva 3.0 Tesla MRI scanner is capable of a wide range of in vivo measurements. It has the following features:

  • Body coil

  • Parallel imaging (SENSE) technology

  • 8 channel SENSE head coil

  • Proton MR Spectroscopy

  • Multi-nuclear spectroscopy hardware with Phosphorus surface coil

  • SENSE spine coil

  • SENSE knee coil

  • SENSE torso coil

  • SENSE cardiac coil

  • 2 SENSE Flex L coils

  • SENSE Flex M coil

  • SENSE Flex S coil

  • MEDRAD power Injector


fMRI Presentation and analysis system

  • Back projection system for visual presentation

  • Dedicated presentation computer

  • LUMI touch response system - button press

  • AVOTEC Audio presentation system

  • ASL Eye tracking system

  • CURRENT DESIGNS joystick


One of the main features of the Philips magnet is that it is very compact in design, thereby making it less claustrophobic than the larger long bore scanners.


This complete MRI system enables our Imaging Centre to perform a very wide range of possible experiments on the Philips 3.0 Tesla scanner. The following is a sample of the types of measurements we support.

  • fMRI with a wide range of presentation protocols

  • Proton spectroscopy, single voxel, 2D and 3D with analysis

  • Diffusion tensor imaging with fibre tractography capability

  • Relaxation time measurements and analysis

  • MR Angiography

  • Perfusion

  • Susceptibility Weighted Imaging

  • Myelin Water Imaging

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