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3T Research facility


Since taking delivery of the 3T Philips Achieva in 2003, the UBC 3T MR facility has hosted over 250 research projects for over 70 principal investigators from 6 UBC Faculties and 18 UBC departments as well as the 4 Vancouver teaching hospitals. We have extensive experience with the established magnetic resonance techniques (PD, T1, T2 weightings, diffusion, MR spectroscopy, functional MRI, magnetization transfer, etc).


Two MR techniques have special status at our site: the myelin water imaging technique was pioneered here at UBC and members of our team are leading experts in the field of susceptibility weighted imaging.


The human research scanner is located on the Ground Floor of the Purdy Pavilion (Extended Care Unit), next to the UBC Hospital. To get there, enter the Pavilion by the main door, take the elevator down one floor, exit the elevator by the rear door and follow the signs to “MRI”.



Purdy Pavilion, UBC campus

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