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Some examples of research projects underway at the BCCH MRI Research Facility over the past year include:


  • Typical and atypical visual brain development;

  • Networks underlying cognitive impairment and non-pharmaceutical interventions in schizophrenia;

  • Early brain structure and function in newborn infants with prenatal exposure to maternal depressed mood and antidepressant medication;

  • Language localization and lateralization in children with autism spectrum disorder;

  • Neuroimaging of children with pediatric obsessive-compulsive disorders;

  • Structural and functional brain differences in children with developmental coordination disorder;

  • Brain changes following intervention for dyslexia

  • The role of fatty acids in brain development of healthy children;

  • Language mapping for planning of pediatric epilepsy surgery, and

  • Traumatic brain injury in adolescent athletes.

  • Effects of air pollution on cognition

  • Synergizing-omics to discover treatable intellectual disabilities

  • Measures of cartilage health in Perthes disease

  • Perception-action coupling in infancy

  • Predicting treatment response in depression

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