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Knee scan in weight bearing squat

What kind of research can be done on the Upright Open MRI?

The Upright Open MRI scanner can be used to obtain novel views of anatomy including:


  • Musculoskeletal system in a range of postures and/or weight bearing

  • Spine while standing, in flexion/extension, and/or weight bearing

  • Upright imaging of abdomen, pelvic organs, GI tract

  • MR angiography while sitting and standing

  • Other clinically relevant positions, novel research projects welcome


Who can use the Upright Open MRI?

Local, national, or international researchers from:

  • Academic Institutions

  • Industry

  • Government

The primary use of the Upright Open MRI is for health research, however researchers in other fields are welcome to email us with your project idea.







Research Support: Highly Qualified Personnel

Amy Phillips, MASc., Upright Open MRI and Advanced Imaging Specialist


Our Upright Open MRI and Advanced Imaging Specialist is a Biomedical Engineer with over 10 years of engineering and clinical orthopaedic research experience at UBC, in industry, and in the non-profit sector. She leads the Upright Open MRI Operations.

Amy can provide:

  • Strategic planning for research activities

  • Support in designing and implementing research studies

  • Collaboration opportunities with other research groups

  • MRI technical and imaging support for novel applications

Our Highly Qualified Personnel provide MR imaging support

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