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What kind of research can be done on the Upright Open MRI?

The Upright Open MRI scanner can be used to obtain novel views of anatomy including:


  • Musculoskeletal system in a range of postures and/or weight bearing

  • Spine while standing, in flexion/extension, and/or weight bearing

  • Upright imaging of abdomen, pelvic organs, GI tract

  • MR angiography while sitting and standing

  • Other clinically relevant positions, novel research projects welcome


Who can use the Upright Open MRI?

Local, national, or international researchers from:

  • Academic Institutions

  • Industry

  • Government

The primary use of the Upright Open MRI is for health research, however researchers in other fields are welcome to email us with your project idea.







Research Support: Highly Qualified Personnel

Amy Phillips, MASc., Upright Open MRI and Advanced Imaging Specialist


Our Upright Open MRI and Advanced Imaging Specialist is a Biomedical Engineer with over 10 years of engineering and clinical orthopaedic research experience at UBC, in industry, and in the non-profit sector. She leads the Upright Open MRI Operations.

Amy can provide:

  • Strategic planning for research activities

  • Support in designing and implementing research studies

  • Collaboration opportunities with other research groups

  • MRI technical and imaging support for novel applications

Knee scan in weight bearing squat

Our Highly Qualified Personnel provide MR imaging support

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